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What’s behind Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Program Rank Brain?

Is your brain still struggling with the newest and shiniest concept of Google’ s artificial intelligence (AI) program, Rank Brain? Do you want to dig in the depths of this latest technology and how it is revamping the boundaries of Search Engine Optimization? No worries, the experts of an acclaimed digital agency providing pragmatic seo services in Delhi, will help you understand this technology.

What is Rank Brain?

On 26th October 2015, Google approved the existence of its artificial intelligence (AI) program Rank Brain. Rank Brain is the brainchild of Google’s key algorithm which employs machine learning technology to analyze the most relevant results to search engine queries. The Rank Brain uses artificial intelligence, to put massive amounts of written language into mathematical entities, which are known as vectors, that the computer can decode well.

Rank Brain basically goes through a Google’s interception model that apply various possible factors like the location of the user, personalization, and the words and phrases of the search query to analyze the searcher’s true intent. By determining the true intent of the searcher, Google can deliver more useful and relevant results.  Website Designing Delhi

Putting the algorithm of Rank Brain in simpler words, Rank Brain

·         Decode the user query

·         Analyzes search intent

·         Displays relevant results from the databases

How important is Rank Brain?

Rank Brain isn’t all that Google’s SEO algorithms are composed of. It is one of the “hundreds” of Google signals that is sent with other algorithms and analyzes the search queries and selects results from the database and determines what results appears on a Google’s search engine result page and where they need to rank.

According to the most popular search engine, Google, it is the 3rd most important factor amongst all the algorithms in intercepting the results that appear in your search engine.

It is because of Rank Brain, that 15% of all online searches now are selected by it and is now the most important factor to determine search ranking.

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