Website Designing Company Delhi Unfolds the Key Contact Page Elements

When a prospect decides to avail your product or service, he would first head over to the contact page to get in touch with you. If you do not have a contact page or one that is poorly designed, you have a big hole in your sales funnel. To fix this, Website Designing Company Delhi unfolds the five most essential elements that must go into the making of your contact page.

Website Designing Company Delhi

Website Designing Company, Delhi, Tip 1: Contact Form
The easiest way to make communication efficient with your clients is by utilizing contact forms. While many companies do have a contact form, they are most often too complicated or too unfriendly. The website designing company, Delhi understands the nitty-gritty of creating a simple form, yet one that’s highly converting. Here’s how it functions:

·         Clear defining of complicated texts, with few form boxes and friendly-to-navigate drop-drowns
·         Specific form questions in the right format
·         Flexible area code entries in the phone number field for foreign visitors
·         Use of asterisks to indicate the mandatory fields
·         Highlighting the active field
·         Surmising with a call-to-action button like ‘Submit’
·         Avoiding the usage of the ‘Refresh’ button to prevent users from accidentally clearing the entered details before submission

Website Designing Company, Delhi, Tip 2: Address
When a local visitor lands on your webpage and makes a decision to visit your store, he must be provided with your coordinates. In case you have multiple branches, list all their addresses to make the directions to your store accessible. 

Website Designing Company, Delhi, Tip 3: Contact Number
A brand that displays its contact number and actively responds gains the trust of web visitors. While interacting with you over a call, your prospect would be convinced to take transactions to further steps.

Website Designing Company, Delhi, Tip 4: Social Signals
Link your contact page with all your social media pages. You can’t reach your prospects in their homes, but you definitely can reach out to them on social media. Thus, when a prospect, upon being informed by your social media post, wants to contact you, linking your social page with your website contact page would make it easier for your client.

Website Designing Company, Delhi, Tip 5: E-mail
While a simple contact form, as mentioned above, is efficient to collect all the required details from your consumer, having an e-mail link would also help your prospects, especially at times when they need to send across attachments.

Design Your Contact Page with A Website Designing Company, Delhi
Having gained awareness of the elements that make a great contact page, it’s time to put the theory to practice. Talk to a WebsiteDesigning Company Delhi, and optimize your contact page to make communications easy for your Indian clients and beyond.

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